Design Portfolio

Vanessa needed a way to organize and establish her unique business. Her website features information about her workshops, who she is, a gallery of her past work as well as an online shop for her creative art. It is clear to her new clients how to get in touch with her.

The Queen Of SHE has an amazing and recognisable logo which I wanted to draw attention to. Vanessa is close to nature and the website represents that through images of rocks, woods and beaches. While the website has a lot of different components they all work harmoniously together to create a relaxing, easy to navigate space.

Helen had a website made a few years back which didn’t represent her or her business very well. We had to re-define her core business in order to attract the right customers to her unique organic hair salon. The new website design had to showcase Helen, the beautiful relaxing location, the products as well as the overall experience.

To achieve this I put emphasis on Helen as the business owner and the talent she has. The potential client knows exactly who Helen is and why they should visit her. There is also a clear way to get in contact with her. I also featured the product's range and all the services she offers through a clear layout.

The website is clean, fresh and simple with a clear focus. It's legible and easy to use both on desktop and mobile. Most importantly it reflects Helen's colourful personality.

I was tasked with revamping Maree’s old website. She had inherited the self made WiX website from the previous business owner and it needed a fresh look. The website has a considerable amount of organic traffic so there was real potential in increasing Maree's business revenue through a professional website.

The new website features a flowing layout with a clear ocean theme. Margaret River is known for its beautiful beaches so I wanted to showcase it through the colour palette. The text is concise and easy to understand. The clear headings let clients know their areas of expertise.

The design and use of professional pictures gives it a luxurious feel which will set them apart from their competitors in Margaret River.

The owner of Margaret River Take 2 Hair Salon & Makeup Bar started in a new location in Busselton and needed a professional website. I took inspiration from the black and white logo and mimicked the style of cursive handwriting on the website. This will help them establish a brand. The black also makes it edgy and modern which represents the owners.

The overall design is clean and spacious. While there are different fonts, everything is used in a consistent way which makes the website easy to read and navigate.

Peakcodex is my personal hobby project. It is a self-built nutrition app which focuses on meal planning for the keto diet. It also features articles and recipes. The brand is strong and trustworthy. The design is fresh and sleek; the colour theme is consistent and the pictures are high definition. Both the app and the website are easy and intuitive to use. To enhance the UX/UI of the website I used wireframes and testing. The website and app are optimised for mobile.